American English News from Maestro Sersea #22: 6/06/2021

Hello English Learners and thank you for registering for our online American English class. On Sunday of every week, I will share news and learning activities with you.

  1. NEWS 1: You are all invited to our American English Conversation Practice Audio-Video Meeting today, Sunday, June 6th, at 10AM Los Angeles time via our own audio-video conference room at Here is where you can find out the current Los Angeles Time:

It will be a great opportunity to meet and chat in American English.

2. News 2: We had our second live audio-video meeting on Sunday, April 25th, 2021, in which we discussed many details, including certificates, assessments, and learning topics regarding our Free English Class. I highly encourage you to watch the entire 1-hour video so you learn more about our class. Here’s the video:

3. News 3: Now you can learn more about your teacher, Maestro Sersea. Click here to read about him as well as watch videos in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Bangla, and Hindi:

4. American English Lessons Spotlight: Did you know we have 53 videos for nearly 100 American English Dialogues on our YouTube Channel? Here’s the link to all of our American English Dialogue videos:

5. English Listening Comprehension Spotlight: Our Commercials for English Learners are helpful for improving English listening skills. I have created video commercials and built some mini lessons around them to help you build American English listening and reading comprehension. Please visit our page to read and watch our commercial, DIVORCE ATTORNEY :

6. Careers and Jobs in the USA #5: FOOD SERVICE MANAGERS — Two weeks ago, we started a whole new educational section designed to help you improve your English reading and listening comprehension, as well as learn about jobs and careers in the United States of America. Please click on the link below to improve your English skills and your knowledge as well. Don’t forget to write a comment and suggest which American careers and jobs you’d like us to include here in the future. Click here:

7. Each week we focus on an English Grammar topic you can review. This week we focus on Parts of Speech Quiz to measure how well you know the Parts of Speech. Make sure you take the quiz and let us know in the comments section how well you did:

8. English Vocabulary Word of the Day: PATIENCE– Each week we will focus on a specific English vocabulary word from our online English Dictionary at .

  1. good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence
  2. a card game played by one person

Thank you, students. I will send you the next American English News from Maestro Sersea on Sunday of next week. If you want to access all our previous News from Maestro Sersea, click here for the list:

4 thoughts on “American English News from Maestro Sersea #22: 6/06/2021

  1. that is so awesome ! and this course is highly important i am learning a lot day after day i am now just waiting for my certificate please

    1. Hello Markedy, you can earn a certificate when you visit Lessons 13 and complete the exam there. Once you receive lessons 1.13.1 — 1.13.4 by email, you will be able to take the exams and earn your certificates.

    1. Shafiqur, sorry, I don’t know what you mean by “English Structure Sheet”. You’re welcome to learn from our English lessons on our websites, though.

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