Welcome to News from Maestro Sersea #121: August 6th, 2023


1. Interact with Maestro Sersea: Send an e-mail at maestrosersea @ gmail . com and let Maestro Sersea know your name, location, job, hobbies, and how it’s going with your English learning. Maestro Sersea will then respond within a few days.

2. Maestro Sersea’s educational website of the week: www.usareading.club

3. Click on the links below to access some of our educational articles for English Learners:

Great news, English Learners – I’m now adding multiple-choice tests for all of our educational online articles so that you can improve your English reading comprehension, as well as your listening comprehension and pronunciation, when you read along with the available audio recordings.


Character is how you choose to act. Every choice you make defines the character you have. Do you want to be remembered as a person of solid character? Study the 30 qualities that make up good character below:

  1. Respectful Character
  2. Responsible Character
  3. Self-Control
  4. Punctual
  5. Reliable


News 1More Webinars and Conversation Practice Sessions Are Coming on August 19th and 26th, 2023. Our free webinars will be focussed on American English vocabulary and dialogues. Our free conversation practice sessions will take place on ZOOM. You will receive invitations via e-mail within a few days of the webinars if you are signed up for our weekly newsletters. If you’re not currently receiving our weekly online newsletters, visit our website to register

NEWS 2We’re now offering five free online courses for English Learners, and we are currently developing our 6th online course, “American English Online Reading Course,” which will become available in late August 2023. You are welcome to enroll in our current available English courses:
Click here to register: American English Conversation Online Course
Click here to register: American English Pronunciation Online Course
Click here to register: American English Vocabulary Online Course
Click here to register: American English Idioms Online Course
Click here to register: 5-Year American English for English Learners: Beginning Level to Advanced

Maestro Sersea is also developing some new online courses with video lessons and quizzes with topics ranging from learning skills to American studies. E-mail maestrosersea @ gmail. com with a request for early access.

NEWS 3: Great news!!! Now you can listen to the Maestro Sersea podcast for English Learners on numerous Podcasting platforms, including Spotify, IHeartRadio, Google, Amazon, Podbean, PlayerFM, Listen to Notes, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Stitcher, and soon on other podcast platforms as well. Follow and listen to our educational podcasts as they continue to be published.

Thank you, students. I will send you the next American English News from Maestro Sersea on Sunday of next week.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students, if you wish to continue to receive free English lessons from Maestro Sersea, you need to open your emails, click on the links, complete the assignments, and watch the videos each week. If you’re not working hard to improve your English skills with Maestro Sersea, other motivated English learners wish to learn English in your place. Maestro Sersea regularly reviews student activity records and deletes students who have not been actively learning English via our English lessons and videos. Once students are deleted, they will no longer receive email lessons and newsletters to improve their English skills.

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