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  1. NEWS 1: Here is a list of the rest of our live sessions/webinars for 2021:

— December 5th, 10AM – 11AM (Los Angeles Time) via our chatroom: https://elearningusa.myownmeeting.net/

— December 12th, 10AM – 11AM (Los Angeles Time) via our chatroom:  https://elearningusa.myownmeeting.net/

2. NEWS 2: We had our eleventh live audio-video meeting on Sunday, November 21st, 2021, in which we practiced English and had some great conversations. I highly encourage you to watch the entire re-recorded video so you can improve your English pronunciation, comprehension, and communication. Here’s the video:

3. News 3: Great news!!! We now have our own online radio station for English Learners that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. In addition, we will soon have an app in the Google Play app store so that you can listen to our radio station on your phone anytime you wish. You’re invited to visit our site to listen to the radio, learn, and share your constructive comments: https://maestrosersea.com/2021/12/03/the-official-maestro-sersea-radio-station-share-your-comments/

4. News 4: Great news!!! We now have our own online television station for English Learners that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You can watch our online television station for English Learners anytime you wish. You’re invited to visit our site to watch television, learn, and share your constructive comments: https://maestrosersea.com/2021/12/03/the-official-maestro-sersea-television-station-share-your-comments/

5. News 5: Students, if you wish to continue to receive free English lessons from Maestro Sersea, you need to open your emails, complete the lessons, and watch the videos each week. If you’re not working hard to improve your English skills with Maestro Sersea, then there are other motivated English Learners who wish to learn English in your place. Maestro Sersea will soon review student activity records and delete students who have not been actively learning English via our English lessons and videos. Once students are deleted, they will no longer receive email lessons and newsletters to improve their English skills.

Thank you, students. I will send you the next American English News from Maestro Sersea on Sunday of next week. If you want to access all our previous News from Maestro Sersea, click here for the list: http://sersea.com/news-from-maestrosersea/

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5 thoughts on “American English News from Maestro Sersea #48: 12/05/2021”
  1. Hello, Hind from Iraq ,
    “If we can’t fly then run………you have to keep moving,
    The life is beautiful also too short to lose in some thing wrong because health and age must use them in good thing and may be another time we didn’t have them.
    Learning of various field keep us more skill specially of field we like it and may improve our knowledge and financial status so if we didn’t creative we can change another field. Because we are not trees so we can and change to find enjoyment and we can create success from failure in addition we create happiness by variable thing we have it.at last important thing is attempt with all time we have another chance to another try .

  2. Hello , hind from Iraq .
    All we are going through difficult times so, we mustn’t hopelessness and I prepare perceptive and don’t despair in addition of have many plane for know and future so if I can’t use first plane with first situation that I change the second to use or change to suitable station for this time , all we want to trust our ability.

  3. Hello , Hind from iraq,
    Picture 1
    -Human is Airship landing That have fully equipped and preparation , exercises because he looks like in control of situation while the sky is clear .

  4. Hello , hind from Iraq,
    2, photo
    -mother with little girl stand on the beach at sundown with comfortable beachwear, the child inquire about the beauty of natural.

    – A year from now you may wish you had started today ,
    Always we must start to step forward even we did not reach the goal that mean one day we reach to goal.

    -Make each day your masterpiece.
    Every day we must enjoy what we have it because every time never goes back

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