Writing Skills

Here you will be able to learn writing skills including writing sentences, paragraphs, essays, and research papers. In addition, you can ask our AI Chatbot any questions you want about writing well in English. Mastering the Art of Crafting Sentences In the English language, a sentence is a fundamental unit of communication that conveys a…

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Welcome to News from Maestro Sersea #123: August 20th, 2023

LEARNING ACTIVITIES 1. Interact with Maestro Sersea: Send an e-mail at maestrosersea @ gmail . com and let Maestro Sersea know your name, location, job, hobbies, and how it’s going with your English learning. Maestro Sersea will then respond within a few days. 2. Maestro Sersea’s educational website of the week: www.americanenglishconversation.online 3. Click on the links below…

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American English News from Maestro Sersea #93: 11/27/2022

LEARNING ACTIVITIES NEWS 4: Great news!!! We now have our own online radio station for English Learners that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You’re invited to visit our site to listen to the radio, learn, and share your constructive comments: https://maestrosersea.com/2021/12/03/the-official-maestro-sersea-radio-station-share-your-comments/ In addition, we have an ANDROID app in the Google Play app store…

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