American English News from Maestro Sersea #10: 3/14/2021

Hello English Learners and thank you for registering for our online American English class. On Sunday of every week, I will share news and learning activities with you.

  1. Urgent News #1: Let’s meet and chat together today, on Sunday, March 14th, 2021. We will meet today, Sunday, March 14th, at 10AM Los Angeles time, in our Audio-Video Conference/Chat Room: Here is where you can find out the current Los Angeles Time:
  2. English Listening Comprehension Spotlight: Our Commercials for English Learners are helpful for improving English listening skills. I have created video commercials and built some mini lessons around them to help you build American English listening and reading comprehension. Please visit our page to read and watch our commercial, Chiropractor:
  3. American English Lessons Spotlight: Did you know we have 53 videos of nearly 100 American English Dialogues on our YouTube Channel? Here’s the link to all of our American English Dialogues Video Playlist:
  4. Weekly English Grammar Spotlight: Each week we focus on an English Grammar topic you can review. This week we focus on English Future Simple Tense. Here’s a link to where you can learn more about the Future Continuous Tense:

Here’s a video that introduces the Future Continuous Tense:

5. English Vocabulary Word of the Day: HOPE – Each week we will focus on a specific English vocabulary word from our online English Dictionary at .

  1. one of the three Christian virtues
  2. a specific instance of feeling hopeful; “it revived their hope of winning the pennant”
  3. the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled; “in spite of his troubles he never gave up hope”
  4. someone (or something) on which expectations are centered; “he was their best hope for a victory”
  5. United States comedian (born in England) who appeared in films with Bing Crosby (born in 1903)
  6. intend with some possibility of fulfilment; “I hope to have finished this work by tomorrow evening”
  7. be optimistic; be full of hope; have hopes; “I am still hoping that all will turn out well”
  8. expect and wish; “I trust you will behave better from now on”; “I hope she understands that she cannot expect a raise”
  9. grounds for feeling hopeful about the future; “there is little or no promise that he will recover”

Thank you, students. I will send you the next American English News from Maestro Sersea on Sunday of next week. If you want to access all our previous News from Maestro Sersea, click here for the list:

2 thoughts on “American English News from Maestro Sersea #10: 3/14/2021

  1. Hello .future tense is often used in English as a way to talk a bout some thing happening at a give point in the future.

  2. Hello, this is Wilber from Nicaragua.
    We learned about the future continuos tense, whose structure is:

    subject + auxiliary verb WILL + auxiliary verb BE + main verb (ing)
    WE WILL BE watching TV at night.

    The Future Continuous tense is often used in English as a way to talk about something happening at a given point in the future.

    I got 10 corrects asnwers out of ten in the grammar quiz. Thanks.

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