Commercials for English Learners: Dry Cleaner

Hello English Learners. Here is a television commercial about dry cleaners. Do you know of any dry cleaners in your town? Watch this video, read and translate the text in your primary language, then respond in the comments section below.

Part 1 — DIRECTIONS: Watch the video below and listen in English.

Part 2 — DIRECTIONS: Here is the English text from the video above. Read it in English then translate it in your primary language using the translator here.

Are you looking for a local, professional, and affordable dry cleaner? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re proud to be the premier local dry cleaning service, and we can get your clothes pressed, cleaned, and looking like new. Whether you need shirts, suits, dresses, or even blankets or comforters, we can clean them all in our state of the art, and most importantly, environmentally friendly, dry cleaning facility. So bring us your dry cleaning today or contact us now. We look forward to making your clothes look great.

Part 3 — DIRECTIONS: Do you know of any dry cleaners in your town? Please respond in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Commercials for English Learners: Dry Cleaner

  1. Hello , Hind from iraq ، modern life features is dryer cleaner which can get your clothes pressed , cleaned , and looking like new, Whether ( shirt , suit , dress , blanket , comforters ). We have many local professional affordable dry cleaner but we did not have environmentally friendly .
    I m respected that people who can care environment and that mean have humanity.
    All weather catastrophe within reason failed distractive life.

  2. Greetings, Maestro Sersea
    Here in the town where I live there’s several although this kind of businesses were hardly affected by the curfew that almost lasted one year because of the increased of cases by COVID-19, although the trading have being opened any could survive and others they have to closed operation.
    Best regards,


  3. Bon jour. Bien sûr que oui je connaît beaucoup de nettoyeurs à sec dans mon environnement. Ils nous aident beaucoup a rester toujours propre. Je les remercie beaucoup.

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