Commercials for English Learners: Animal Training

Hello English Learners. Here is a television commercial about animal training services. Do you know of any animal training companies in your town? Watch this video, read and translate the text in your primary language, then respond in the comments section below.

Part 1 — DIRECTIONS: Watch the video below and listen in English.

Part 2 — DIRECTIONS: Here is the English text from the video above. Read it in English then translate it in your primary language using the translator here.

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Part 3 — DIRECTIONS: Do you know of any companies that offer animal training services in your town? Please respond in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Commercials for English Learners: Animal Training

  1. Animals training are company which have efficient and expert team with more various animals like(Dog, fish, bird, cat, horse ) and others pollinated animals ,Our veterinary doctors come on service to customers which guarantee the best with answer the equation you have it.our service come on with devotion and quality which chose the animals with suitable environment for it.

  2. Hello everyone.
    In my whole city there is not a single company which offers animal training. But in the capital city, which is located over 90 kilometers from my town, there are several companies which offer that service. Some of them even offer animal care and accommodation while their owners are not at home.
    I guess we will have that kind of services in the future in my town, because the way we appoach to our pets has been changing a lot in the last years. We have learned that our pets deserve to be treated with love and respect. This is a new awarness for us around here.

    Wilber from Nicaragua

    1. Wilber, yes, services for pets are becoming quite popular and expensive. Here in Southern California, we have pet hotels which charge a minimum of $60 per night per pet. For most pet owners here, pets are just like family members.

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