Commercials for English Learners: Dentist

Hello English Learners. Here is a television commercial about dentistry. Do you know of any dentists in your town? Watch this video, read and translate the text in your primary language, then respond in the comments section below.

Part 1 โ€” DIRECTIONS: Watch the video below and listen in English.

Part 2 โ€” DIRECTIONS: Here is the English text from the video above. Read it in English then translate it in your primary language using the translator here.

If you’re in need of a dentist you probably have a lot of questions, such as: “Will my procedures hurt? Do you accept my insurance?” Or even, “Do you perform the advanced procedures that I need?” We have years of experience helping people get the beautiful smile they have always wanted. Even if you haven’t been to the dentist in years, or you have major dental issues, even if you have great fear of going to the dentist, we can help. Don’t put off getting the smile that you deserve. We offer free consultations, and accept most major insurance plans, so give us a call today.

Part 3 โ€” DIRECTIONS: Do you know of any dentists in your town? Please respond in the comments section below.

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