Commercials for English Learners: Child Care

Hello English Learners. Here is a television commercial about Child Care. Do you know of child care services that are in your town? Watch this video, read and translate the text in your primary language, then respond in the comments section below.

Part 1 — DIRECTIONS: Watch the video below and listen in English.

Part 2 — DIRECTIONS: Here is the English text from the video above. Read it in English then translate it in your primary language using the translator here.

Looking for a local childcare service to care for your son or daughter while you’re at work? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our childcare staff is fully trained, qualified, and have years of experience working with children of all ages. Also, each staff member has been through extensive background checks and prides themselves on focusing on your child above everything else. So contact us now to inquire about rates, schedule, and availability. We look forward to fulfilling all of your childcare needs.

Part 3 — DIRECTIONS: Do you know of any childcare centers in your town? Please respond in the comments section below

4 thoughts on “Commercials for English Learners: Child Care

  1. Hi, this is Wilber from Nicaragua.

    In my town there are not private childcare services. So the people that have to go to work have three options for the caring of their children:
    1. Most parents leave their children with a family member while they are working.
    2. If they can, they will afford the services of a babysitter, who is normally a friend, neighbor or acquaintance.
    In both of the former cases, the carer is not a professional and will only feed and take care for the child.
    3. Parents can enroll the child in a “Chilhood Development Center”; These centers, where the children are going to be fed, cared and tought are managed by the government. Staff members are professionals and parents must make a monthly payment for the service.

  2. Hello, grating from Iraq, my town have private childcare service with fully trained and qualified for all age.
    Another option for childcare service is take care for babysitter(forgone person not Iraqi person) from private children ,
    who is stay in their home about 24 hours that is paid with money all clothes and every thing want

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