American English News from Maestro Sersea #106: 3/19/2023


  1. American English Quote of the Week: What does this quote mean to you?

2. Maestro Sersea’s educational website of the week:
3. Character is how you choose to act. Every choice you make defines the character you have. Do you want to be remembered as a person of solid character? Study the 30 qualities that make up good character below:
Thrifty (Definition)
4. Careers and Jobs in the USA #30: Special Education Teachers— Here is our educational section designed to help you improve your English reading and listening comprehension and learn about jobs and careers in the United States of America. Please click on the link below and watch the videos to improve your English skills and your knowledge as well. Don’t forget to write a comment and suggest which American careers and jobs you’d like us to include here in the future. Click here: Special Education Teachers

5. Watch and learn with Maestro Sersea’s videos – enjoy this week’s selection :

6. Read, listen, and read along with online articles.
Click here: Steps to a Better English Vocabulary (Article 13)
Click here: How to Learn English Vocabulary (Article 10)


NEWS 1: Great News, English Learners! Do you want to work closely and directly with Maestro Sersea to improve your English skills? Next week we will unveil a new low-cost online membership service for you to increase your American English.

NEWS 2: Read and learn American English with Maestro Sersea’s books for English Learners published on Amazon. Do you want to improve your English Skills and support Maestro Sersea’s efforts to help English learners worldwide improve their American English skills? You are encouraged to preview, share, and buy our book. In addition, your constructive Customer Reviews (click here to access them) would be greatly appreciated. You can access our eBooks and printed books by clicking on the links below:

News 3: Learn English On the Internet: Maestro Sersea is developing a low-cost online school called California International Online School for English Learners. The school will be officially open at the beginning of 2024. For more information, visit our website and sign-up for the newsletter via

News 4: Webinars and Conversation Practice Sessions are Coming Soon! Participate in our new Online Conference Room / Chatroom to practice your English with other English Learners. Our online audio-video chatroom is open 24 hours a day / seven days a week. You can visit this room to chat with others and practice your English. When you visit, sometimes the space may be empty and sometimes there may be other English Learners who want to practice with you. If you click on the “TALK NOW” button and click on the microphone and video cam buttons, you can participate in audio-video conferencing with others as well. The more you visit this chat room/conference room, the more chances you have of practicing your English. Click here to access the conference room:

NEWS 5: We’re offering five free online courses for English Learners. You are welcome to enroll:

Click here to register: American English Conversation Online Course

Click here to register: American English Pronunciation Online Course

Click here to register: American English Vocabulary Online Course

Click here to register: American English Idioms Online Course

Click here to register: 5-Year American English for English Learners: Beginning Level to Advanced

NEWS 6: Great news!!! Now you can listen to the Maestro Sersea podcast for English Learners on numerous Podcasting platforms, including Spotify, IHeartRadio, Google, Amazon, Podbean, PlayerFM, Listen to Notes, Deezer, Podcast Addict, Stitcher, and soon on other podcast platforms as well. Follow and listen to our educational podcasts as they will soon continue to be published.

NEWS 7: Great news!!! We now have our online radio station for English Learners that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’re invited to visit our site to listen to the radio, learn, and share your constructive comments:

In addition, we have an ANDROID app in the Google Play app store so that you can listen to our radio station on your phone anytime you wish. Click here to download it on your computer or phone:

If you have an Android phone, you can point the camera to the QR Code below to access the link to download the Android app:

NEWS 8: Great news!!! We now have our online television station for English Learners, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can watch our online television station for English Learners anytime you wish. You’re invited to visit our site to watch television, learn, and share your constructive comments:

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One thought on “American English News from Maestro Sersea #106: 3/19/2023

  1. Greetings
    What does this quote mean to you?
    Be careful with your words, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten.
    It means being careful the moment to say something to someone else, because a message, phrase, or even a single word can hurt feelings and break up into pieces the heart of a person. Consequently, a person with a heart-rending maybe can forgive the bad moment but not forget it. In simple words, it means to be smart, and wise to avoid a difficult moment when you differ or discuss a topic. Always It’s important to show respect toward others and display kindness.
    Thank you so much.

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