Comparative Adjectives

Understanding Comparative Adjectives in Sentences

What are Comparative Adjectives?

Comparative adjectives are words used to compare differences between two nouns. They are often used to describe the difference in quality, quantity, or degree between two things.

For example:

  • Older is a comparative adjective used to compare the ages of two people.
  • Faster is a comparative adjective used to compare the speeds of two vehicles.

Formation of Comparative Adjectives

In English, most comparative adjectives are formed by adding “-er” to the end of the adjective, or by using “more” before the adjective.

For example:

  • Fast becomes Faster
  • Beautiful becomes More beautiful

Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The taller building is the one on the left.
  2. This book is more interesting than the one I read last week.
  3. She is smarter than her brother when it comes to math.
  4. Running is easier than swimming for me.
  5. The louder music is coming from the next room.

Using “Than” with Comparative Adjectives

When using comparative adjectives, we often link the two things being compared with the word “than.”

For example:

  • She is taller than her sister.
  • This movie is more exciting than the one we watched yesterday.

Irregular Comparative Adjectives

Some adjectives have irregular comparative forms that do not follow the standard rules. It’s important to memorize these irregular forms.

For example:

  • Good becomes Better
  • Bad becomes Worse

Practice with Comparative Adjectives

Now, let’s practice using comparative adjectives in sentences:

  1. My house is __ (big) than yours.
  2. January is __ (cold) than May.
  3. This exercise is __ (difficult) than the previous one.
  4. The __ (expensive) car in the showroom is the red one.
  5. Her painting is __ (beautiful) than mine.

Continue practicing and pay attention to how comparative adjectives are used in sentences to become more comfortable with them.

Here are some more examples of sentences using comparative adjectives:

  1. The weather today is colder than yesterday.
  2. My dog is faster than your cat.
  3. This restaurant is busier than the one across the street.
  4. Her phone is more expensive than mine.
  5. Learning a new language is harder than I thought.
  6. The new model is lighter than the previous one.
  7. His house is bigger than hers.
  8. The movie was more entertaining than I expected.
  9. Your laptop is lighter than mine.
  10. This dress is prettier than the one you tried on earlier.

Feel free to let me know if you would like more examples or if you have any specific questions about comparative adjectives!

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